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We believe that women have powerful stories to share about their lives and that our every day lives are inspiring. This platform is for women to share their journeys to self-empowerment, whilst providing inspiration for other women to do the same. Our community are full of brilliant people who are navigating the society they live in with searing intelligence, raw humour and powerful insight.

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"Well, what if 'success' as defined by society is rubbish? Not all that society values is actually important. What’s truly important is your well being and that you are doing your best. We can take the power back by refusing to accept these expectations of what we should be. We can focus on lifting each other up and celebrating our lives, perfectly imperfect. We are enough as we are now."
"I think it’s important that we don’t lose our natural identity of womanhood while fighting our battles for equality. I’m conflicted about this. I love chivalry, I love femininity, I love the fact that as a woman I am a home-maker and a mother who nourishes and cherishes her children. I don’t feel as though I have to lose my femininity to have strength in a male-dominated world."
"Taking the power back means discrediting the notion that we require alterations in order to fully wield our potential, or that our worth is dependent on the acceptance of others. We can harness power by acknowledging that every woman’s story has value, defending the dignity of others, and by practicing self-love/respect."
"My esteem comes from the way I treat myself and how I show up in the world. I’ve deepened my morning practice, stayed active, nurtured relationships, connected with people I love and admire, and I continue to create more opportunities for my life and my life work. Do more of what you love with the people you love. It’s never the wrong answer!"
"Rest and reflection is just as important to the journey as productivity. In fact, rest is productive if you want to think of it that way! I wish I had taken more times to step back, rest and reflect when I was younger – I believe it could have prevented some unproductive mistakes I made."
"I pride myself on living my life in a way that says to others “Don’t be a lady, be a legend”. I am always my own biggest fan."
"It’s hard to own who you are, when people are putting you down. Women can also be very unkind to each other and I think we still have a lot to win on that ground."
"Acceptance and celebration of our true selves is certainly something that comes with age, and yet when we look back on photographs of our youngest selves and watch as our own children grow, we see little people who are joyous, radiant and carefree - completely untouched by the agony and unwritten expectation that we should envy something unobtainable and always loathe something about ourselves."
"I find that it is easy to get wrapped in our perceived lack and our own crap, we are just humans after all. To let go of that, we need to appreciate what we have. If we are healthy, isn’t that already hitting the jackpot in a pandemic? If we still have the means to pay for food and a roof over our heads, aren’t we luckier than those who have lost their only source of income? Gratitude and perspective are key to not wallowing in negativity."
"It is a time where we are embracing culture and dialect and so much more. We are the woman paving the way for our children future."
"Women need to team up and stop buying into the Mean Girls mentality of us vs them! Look it up and Wiki says " A  tribe  is a group of distinct people, dependent on their land for their livelihood, who are largely self-sufficient, and not integrated into the national society." and I want that! "
"If you fail, but then pass, celebrate. Every time you stand up again, every time you refuse defeat, you are bit by bit shaping into the ideal version of yourself."
"Our brain is built, wired, and rewired on our thought patterns, and if we consciously choose to celebrate who we are NOW, we train our brains to be healthy, confident, and centered in the present. In my opinion, one of the hardest and most beautiful parts about being alive is growing, and growth also involves accepting and celebrating ourselves in every season."
"When I saw the movie Hidden Figures I was completely enthralled by the brilliance that all three women portrayed. But Miss Katherine Johnson reminds me of my late Mother. Both were mathematical geniuses whose work ethics were unparalleled in their government careers. They were also both “hidden”.
"So, always the aim is to do less and less of the work that semi-moves me and increasingly more of the work that fully-moves me, until eventually I am only doing the latter."
"I think society has a way of making us feel incomplete and we sometimes believe we're not the full package. I call it Proverbs 31 syndrome whereby we look at what’s considered the ‘ideal woman’, look at ourselves and concede we are not good enough."
"I believe women always take the sacrificial role in society, always providing for their families, work...etc. Therefore, not feeling like it’s their duty to do that for themselves – they kind of try to seek someone to give that to them."
"I think that there are a myriad of ideas and the meaning behind them that society, the public consciousness, the world, etc does reinforce, and perhaps that women are not enough is one of them in some circles, but I also believe that as individuals, we have the power - the spirit - to say otherwise."
"If another woman is perceived to be “better” than us (a better mom, wife, professional, more attractive, smarter) we’re conditioned to believe this means we’re less than. Pursuing open, honest dialogue and intentionally building relationships with other women whom we perceive to be different than us is really important. I’m trying to change my default mindset from competition to collaboration."
"THE TRIBE encourages you to celebrate who you are today, and not alone either, but in the company of other empowered and inspiring women. My desire is to provide a space for women to meet, get together, vibe, celebrate ourselves and encourage each other to do the impossible."
"I got bitter about some people rejecting who I am and even though the survivor in me took it in stride, I carried that in my heart. As I lead with my head, things are getting back to simple things like cherishing loving admiration."
"We need to get back to reality here. Most men and women love variety, they love imperfections because it’s endearing and we need to stop shoving the unrealistic ideal down the throats of men, women and our younger generations."
"I have been very lucky though to have some amazing female influences in my life who operate this way, and I try to model my behaviour after them. I don't like “mean girls” cliques and I do see them occashionally and try to avoid them; I don't have time for that negative energy and I don't like it."
"For me, it starts with school. You are compared to others, people with better grades, people who are better at sports, and amongst your peers people who are better looking than you."
"I think #WhyITribe comes in a time when women need to stand together, champion each other, and motivate one another. It comes in a time when we need beautiful reminders that we are smart, brave, loving, badass women. Our power lies in standing together."
"So in my personal, humble opinion, it starts with us.  It starts with us genuinely supporting each other and not accepting that type of behaviour and rhetoric in others.  It starts with us believing we each of us are enough, that we aren’t fodder for public opinion and criticism."
"We need to start talking to girls very early about independence and their capabilities beyond just physical beauty. Women in Leadership need to make themselves available to encourage women about their capabilities and create a working environment that acknowledges that as women we have different phases of our lives particular once we start having children, it really changes the dynamics."
"I think we as women are generally humble beings. My boyfriend would have no problem praising himself and thinking himself as the king of the world, but I barely feel comfortable of bragging about my own achievements."
"There had been a wounding within sisterhood through the patriarchy, that has left women competing with each other rather than celebrating one another... THE TRIBE movement supports a sisterhood that in turn supports the healing of this ancient wound."
"The world expects so much of us without a thank you, and so little of men with lots of encouragement and applauds. Us winning and doing exceptional things has been normalized! And we have also normalized it."
"For me personally, I think it’s important to model that for my daughter, so she can see that it’s okay to celebrate who she is now and going forward. I want her to know that no matter what she does, be it how she chooses joy or is building her friends up instead of pulling them down or an accomplishment in school or making a team sport, whatever it is, she can feel good about it and celebrate."
"The silencing of woman that is so prevalent in every area of life. It is a part of society as we know it. We can take this power back by speaking up and by acting out of the mould that society has placed on us."
"I really believe that it all goes back to how we treat ourselves. If young girls hear us say good things about ourselves and to other women, then that will lead them in the right direction..."
"I think that competing and striving to be better than the next person is a human trait, not a female one. The idea that only women compete with each other is a lie told to us from a patriarchal lense. It’s not just women. Everyone does it. I’m not sure if it’s been taught and  engrained over time or if it’s just human nature, but it’s definitely been exacerbated within today’s society.  It’s instilled in school by rewarding those that “perform better” or are “the best” at some prescribed set of skills.  It’s bred in sports, just by the very nature of them. We live in a “I win, you lose. You win, I lose.” society. We’ve forgotten (or perhaps never really learned) the beauty of teamwork and recognizing that there are plenty of situations where one win is a win for everyone."
"We can make choices about where we spend our money, which businesses deserve our support, and which don’t. Those of us with privilege must recognise our good fortune and use whatever leverage we have to make space and increase opportunities for others who have been marginalised."
"Having high personal expectations was generationally passed down to me so it’s been a big part of my journey to turn down my inner critic. This work and growth has given me access to self-love and self-acceptance."
"We can also help each other when we hear our friends and family say negative things about themselves, encourage them to rephrase it. What often helps is if we remind ourselves that loving ourselves is a precondition for loving others."
"The techniques needed to successfully juggle physical objects are comparable to what is needed to juggle the demands of life. Juggling taught me to control my mind. It taught me to have a relaxed concentration, and to be present. If you drop a club, it’s ok, pick it back up and try again - what a great metaphor for life!"
" This time shall pass and we will look back and see how strong we are. Hopefully a new respect of honoring each other and caring for those who can’t. Maybe the human race will be more likeable again."
"There is no written life rule that says woman shouldn’t celebrate themselves, only centuries of history and behaviors of generations before us have led to us thinking and believing that."
"We should use our privilege to keep speaking up for those that can’t.  As long as not all of us are free to choose, none of us are. So we can take that power back by speaking up."
"If you are on a down turn there is a lesson to be had that will get you back on the up and up. Sometimes the same lessons keep coming back to us until we actually learn them."
"I won’t lie, there are good and bad days both. On the bad days, I don’t feel like getting up from bed even, binge-watch, eat not-so-healthy food all day, won’t even take a shower and would probably slack in a corner. On the good days, I finish my work way before the deadline, read a good book, do some house chores maybe, which makes me feel happy and productive. But yes, I realise now that any kind of growth is good growth. So, I would do the things that I really love and would continue to do so till the time it makes me feel content and at ease."
"For me, I have to enrich my mind in this area on a continual basis. I have this little button that was purchased for me from Staples and when I find myself slipping back into negative self talk I push the button and when it says " That was easy" I lift my mind from gutter thinking."
"The more we celebrate ourselves, the more we encourage other women to celebrate themselves. We’re all secretly waiting for someone to jump off the cliff with."
"I try and give myself credit every day. I still fall into the trap of expecting so much of myself, and not being incredible at everything that I do, but you simply can’t!"
"Our mothers didn't have this. Their mothers either. So we should be sure not to squander this moment. We should strive each day to make our tribe proud."
"Years ago, I joined a theatre working in set construction. I did not know anything. I barely knew the tools, never mind how to build something. However, I did not let that stop me. I faced my fears, I learned, and by the time I left there, I could build, I could paint and I could weld. I had to remind myself of who I was. Yes, I have fears, I think we all do but I face them and I try. I have since started my blog and I couldn't be happier that I did not allow fear to stop me. "
"If someone calls me beautiful then I believe that person is also beautiful; for taking the time to sprinkle their happiness in my direction, it goes beyond their looks."
"I think if women felt like others would happily celebrate their accomplishments with them instead of isolate, criticize, and abandon them, they would more freely celebrate and praise themselves."
"I think we should use our EQ as an apparatus to create change and build a level playing field where both men and women can work as equals and EQ and IQ are also deemed equal."
"Slowly we are allowing each other to be our full selves as women and what a liberation that is!"
"We can be the breadwinners and we can be the CEOs and the world leaders and still be mothers if we want to. In terms of “taking power back”, I think this mostly depends on how we raise young boys and girls. I think is this definitely happening now as we can already see big changes in gender stereotypes and social conformation."
"We shouldn’t be depending on others for recognition. Every time we point a finger at society or men we degrade ourselves."
"Most women feel unworthy of celebration. Some can’t deal with being seen because hiding has become more comfortable for them. And some secretly deal with imposter syndrome."
"We are the primary educators of the next generation so everything we do, the actions we take, the air we breathe, has a direct result on the world. Make each step count ladies! You got this."
"How I take that power back is I make a concerted effort to surround myself with a few friends I trust and can be honest with. We are open about our fears and insecurities and, in those moments, I realise that I’m not alone in my thoughts about myself, and that actually who I am is enough; I’m not working against an unattainable goal of who I need to be and I am happy with who I am."
"As a woman, self-doubt is our worst enemy, so if you can overcome that, the world is at your fingertips."
"THE TRIBE  movement brings diversity. It celebrates the uniqueness and multi dimensions of women. This type of energy is so needed. I have high regard for platforms such as The Tribe for understanding the importance of a strong mind & how that directly influences success."
"Celebrating our now is critical to our mental well-being. Far too often as women we're either anxious because we feel the pressure of who we think we should be, or we're depressed because we ruminate on past mistakes and failures. Celebrating who we are already allows us to just be present in that single moment."
"I think woman are afraid that acknowledging their true worth will be frowned upon or make them feel pressured to live up to it. My experiences, however, have led me to believe quite the opposite; that recognizing my worth gives me the confidence and motivation to continue to achieve and inspire and help others to achieve."
"What I think the bigger reason is for shying away is that we are so busy seeking approval and watching others for clues on what is acceptable, trendy, or popular that we rarely have the deep inner reflection that allows us to fully see how amazing we truly are."
"I believe that kids these days are bullied in school and the root of the problem starts there. Even if you are raised in a loving and supportive family, young girls need guidance in school as well since that's where they spend most of their days and that's where most of their influences come from. I firmly believe that every school should have anti-bullying policy and classes that teach all students (not just girls) about mental health and equality. I think if boys were educated about that too, they would be treating girls differently in school, and later on in their adult lives too."
"Recently, someone jokingly said that some people I know were talking about me behind my back. Without hesitation, I said “Well good thing I don’t care what people think” and moved on. This comment and reaction surprised me because I used to struggle so much with being myself and compromising who I am for others."
"We are taught that conformity is the way you are secure in your life and that, especially in Eastern cultures, what others think of you is more important that any aspiration or original thought you have in your head."
"We are facing a gratitude crisis. Whenever you look at your phone or walk out your door you are confronted with the temptation to compare yourself with others and feel less than rather than being happy with who you are and what you have."
"I believe that THE TRIBE movement is important because we are to develop a community that has the power to change the cultural stereotypes that limit women. We become the steps that we take. If we do nothing, nothing will change."
"While I understand it’s a privilege to be able to say you love your job, I hope that it's the case for more and more people as this sense of fulfilment is often directly connected to making the most positive changes in the world."
"For so long we, particularly us womxn of color, have been left out of history books. Many of us were only taught about our powerful womxn ancestors through oral history. If we were fortunate enough to know about them at all."
"You’re no longer looking for external validation, instead your validation comes from intrinsically knowing who you are. And owning this, owning your voice, knowing your value and claiming it is not easy work! When you’re not taught this, it’s much harder to learn it."
"Some women are naturally more self-deprecating than others but I was raised by a single mother with three sisters - so surrounded by a lot of very strong women..."
"The measure of your self, has to be from within. Yes, there will be compliments and you should accept them with gratitude and humility, but very often there will be more stone throwing and more abusers, so if you start taking that external input too seriously you will either hit the skies with compliments or drown yourself deep into depression because of the mis-compliments so you have to have equanimity to carry your balance."
"I personally think that smiling is one of the better ways to celebrate ourselves. Not smiling only when things are going well. I mean smiling daily just for the fact you woke up every morning alive."
"Actually old times belly dancers were women entertaining women. I can’t put into words how it feels in the moment when I put on the costume and step in front of an audience; there is many women you can touch and awaken her ˝Shakti˝. It feels like all female ancestors are the force pouring through while we are dancing. And still after the last 11 years I dance Tribal Fusion Belly Dance there are many times I become emotional while watching other groups or dancers, being touched by their performance, touched by the 'Shakti'."
"I don't stand in front of the mirror saying affirmations to myself, however I move my body with ease and kindness every single day. By practicing yoga, it feels like opening little love letters to myself."
"I think the way to solve this is, if you’re a mom tell your daughter, if you’re an aunt tell your nieces, if you’re a sister tell your sisters that they are enough. Tell it to each other and tell it to yourself over and over until it’s the only thing you believe."
"If you’re hidden no one can hear your story or see your transformation. Women should praise and celebrate themselves; you never know who is watching and listening that needs your help!"
"Taking our power back as strong, smart, women may be started as one voice but should carry on as a group. Many voices can raise the roof and make changes."
"The more we can walk in others’ shoes and find love and beauty in every human, in every situation—it’s there we can take back our power and find the willingness to navigate and nurture this broken world."
"Society, especially media, reinforce the idea that we are not enough in many ways. Imagine if we lived in a world where they teach self-love in elementary, middle, and high school. Self-love needs to be a part of our education in schools and at home, but most times it’s not for various reasons."
"When a woman gives her time and/or labour but isn’t paid, her effort which is work, is taken for granted. For example a Mother who stays at home to raise her children isn’t paid therefore what she is doing has no status in wider society. Our value shouldn’t be contingent on how much money we earn, if it was, nurses would be billionaires not Jeff Bezos."
"I remember, I used to wake up dreading going into work, so I am really thankful to myself that I took that leap. I feel proud of myself for that."
"I believe it is a generational thing. We come from years and years of be compliant. If you do a good job someone’s jealous, sit down, you don’t have an opinion, abuse. We just don’t know how, yet you can feel it is changing. So many are saying “This is enough. We need each other.”
"We are going through huge shifts of old paradigms where women were brought up to be quiet, hand their power over to someone else, or teased or silenced when being 'too much'. I think we are in a time of remembering the truth of our infinite vastness and power. It can take time to unlearn and relearn the truth of who we are.
"But I think it is important to remember that feminism is more than women putting women in charge. Feminism is about men and women standing up for equal rights for men and women. No gender is better, stronger or more valued than the other."
"I believe I am the woman today because of the women who took me under their wing and shared with me the many life lessons I would never live long enough to learn myself. "
"I have lately gone through some challenging times with my eyesight, and my eye condition. I have recently had surgery, and I was so proud of myself how calmly, strongly, and mindfully I breathed through the whole OR experience. Laying in the doctors room, with so much sterile stuff around, with many doctors concerned over my head performing surgery in my eye, while I lay there, present, under the OR-coverings breathing. I said to myself, you are doing so great."
"Wouldn’t it be a cultural revolution for men to be cheerleaders at women’s sporting events? At Serena’s tennis game, at the WBNA playoffs, at the World Cup soccer game. Men. In ridiculous outfits. Dancing and shouting and getting the crowd engaged to celebrate women."
"This type of societal teaching reiterates in a woman that although she may do something or be somebody powerful, it is not “right” to acknowledge it. So we don’t."
"It was quite recently...when I submitted a proposal and it was accepted. It is usually situations like these that it is important to see myself as a winner and an incredibly intelligent and tenacious woman."
"Society has pitched women against each other so that they feel they have to compete with each other, when if we only stood together and supported each other we would become an unbeatable force. All of my power comes from the women in my life who support and uplift me."
"I’ve seen fathers encouraging their daughters on social media to repeat affirmations and so on. I recently noticed a little girl with her mom in a hair shop, and she was talking about the cost of an item, so I smiled at her and asked her a math problem, she got the answer correct, so I air high-fived her and told her she was so smart, so I guess we can encourage one another when we get the opportunity, as it makes a massive difference to that child and costs us nothing."
"I am hopeful of that time when my girls are at my age and they will look back and their perception of women will be that of strong women."
"To me, motherhood gave me this tribe, it’s different from any other circle of friends I might have had or that I currently have."
"It took me three kids to realise that to the people that matter the most to me (i.e. my babies and my partner), I am actually ALL that they need. If I am pretty bloody awesome to the people that really matter to me, then why can't I be pretty bloody awesome for myself?"
"It’s easy to approach life from a position of deficit. It’s indulgent. It gives us the permission to marinate in self-pity. Social media of course makes it even harder."
"Society is always attempting to set the standard on how successful someone is. We can take that power back by standing firm on our own definition of success, and being determined to live life based on our own terms."
"The idea that we should always seek to become some “better” version of ourselves lends itself to never appreciating who are today. That’s why it’s so important for women to remind ourselves and our tribes to stop and appreciate how far we’ve come."
"So, I do believe that if certain women that have the ability and the access and the experience to change our lives, and if we continue to share our revelations and successes - and give back in any way possible - it will have a ripple effect."
"Women need to continue to fight for our world, country, fellow women, families, children, and feminist men. But more importantly, we need to support each other and stand up for one another in the workplace where there is an abundance of discrimination and unfair treatment."
"Your gifts are your unique MEDICINE that the world desperately needs. It is CRITICAL that each of us owns our superpowers in service to the world and embraces the badass goddesses that we are."
"I have huge amounts admiration and respect for all women who are working on bettering themselves and trying to create a more pleasant, loving, compassionate world."
"We can start with our purchasing power as a society and not buy products, magazines, movie tickets and music that has negative and unrealistic imagery in their marketing and branding. Supporting brands that hold themselves accountable and promote healthy body imagery and a healthy narrative is a good start."
"It is important to practice celebrating our value, of using our voice to speak up and advocate for ourselves. For many of us, it is easier to celebrate other awesome women in our lives without taking a look inward, but we must respect and value ourselves first."
"We should not be afraid of speaking up to help other women and to improve the society. I believe good changes always start with awareness. That’s why I openly share my own story on my platforms too."
"As I started to let go and flourish, I began to value my time and energy and if I am doing something that does not make me feel content, fulfilled and satisfied, I understand it is not worth my time and energy. I also understand the more I focus on my own self-development, the more I am able to share and collaborate with others and that is a constant process of surrendering and letting go. Nowadays I dedicate myself into guiding women on rediscovering and structuring their Creativity as well and it has been magical to watch so many lives being transformed."
"We can take our power back by never turning our back on a situation that is demoralizing to a woman."
"Today, we are women who hold influential and powerful positions in many industries. Celebrations of who we are right now act as a way of positive reinforcement and show that there is more wins to come in this tumultuous entrepreneurship which can be an incredibly hard and lonely journey."
"This current movement of accepting ourselves in all arenas of life has aggregated change against our Zeitgeist of beauty and work standards. We are creating a new narrative for our Zeitgeist to not define beauty with standards and instead celebrate individuality so we, as women, will celebrate ourselves with limitless love!"
"Mental health should be your number one priority. If your mental health is deteriorating, you won’t be successful in any other part of your life. That’s why it is definitely possible to have fun AND be successful."
“Comparison is the thief of all joy” In today’s social media driving society the pressure of comparing your life and feeling you don’t measure up is enormous. Even if we  know how a lot of social media works, with people only showing an edited, perfect slice of life, the pressures to look young, dress well, be a high flyer or even the perfect mum can be overwhelming."
"I believe today is the correct time! We don’t know when is the last day in our lives, We can not wait to celebrate what we are doing, what we love and what we enjoy, because we don’t know if tomorrow we will be here."
"All it takes sometimes is someone to see your progress and motivation and before you know it, everyone behind you is on the same path. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that you can be such an impact."
"The loudest voices in society are telling women that they need something. You need to buy this, have this, or do this in order to be celebrated. Society only celebrates ageless, rich, skinny, women. The focus of worth is on the external things that can be purchased. There is always a new procedure or experience. Women cannot keep up. If I use society or social media as a compass then I will remain lost. Standards are always changing. Messages are always morphing based on what’s trending. I will never be able to find satisfaction if I value voices that tell me I have to have this, this, and that in order to be worthy."
"Outer validation forces us to wait until someone says we’re good enough to think that we are good enough. Where the truth of the matter is, we are already good enough. We have always been good enough."
"I am actually focusing this year on admiration and respect for myself. I think we unintentionally overlook our own successes everyday, because we have so many other icons and role-models to celebrate."
"In celebrating who we already are, we’re celebrating every challenge we’ve conquered along the way. We’ve weathered storms. We are up and we are swinging, every single day, and that’s an accomplishment."
"These times have the tendency to bring all sorts of emotions and feelings to the surface; be kind to yourself, remember you are not your thoughts, and ask for guidance and support should you need it — it is powerful to be able to ask for help, not the opposite."