Doubling as both a movement and a global brand, THE TRIBE brings together women around the world to inspire, encourage and support each other in a celebratory atmosphere – whether by the creation of empowering products, online through conversation, forum and engagement or offline through events (intimate or large), THE TRIBE is about encouraging a shift in mindset. By creating products which seek to empower women THE TRIBE believes in the butterfly effect and inspiring women to be kinder to themselves, about themselves. THE TRIBE is about encouraging a shift in mindset.

From having ‘too much to do and too little time’, to managing change and balancing both work and life, today’s woman is adept at spinning multiple plates, even with insufficient encouragement and, more importantly, not enough time spent celebrating her current achievements before more expectations are heaped on. Understanding the immediate need for a positive mindset and a space to celebrate the now and all that has already been achieved, THE TRIBE encourages a shift towards a different mindset, one calling for celebration of the now and true affirmation of self. Whilst the expectations mount, now, more than ever, women need an outlet and rallying cry to energise us, we believe that women are realising more and more that we need to opt-in to creating the spaces to nurture ourselves, or we will never have them.

Through our events, women representing a plethora of industries including Fashion, Media, Business, Law, Food, Drink, Art & Design, Lifestyle, Sport & Entertainment, Science and Public Life, will come together in a positive space to celebrate the now and be supported with the positive mindset needed to tackle the future. The Golden Era has returned, and THE TRIBE defines it by celebrating who we are right now. We encourage women to look forward to making real connections, valuing the women they will spend time with, and cutting through the tech-ridden noise of living in this day and age. THE TRIBE supports forging authentic, lasting relationships in a supportive and affirming environment.

Above all, we want a woman’s experience with THE TRIBE to be fun, but also impactful. We live in a high-pressure world, where each and every one of us does it all, or at least tries to. One of the things we always loved about the Studio 54 days was that boy did they seem to know how to have fun, come rain or shine. THE TRIBE believes women need something like this, celebrations like this, and we didn’t see one – so we started hosted evenings to create that energy. To find out more about joining us, fill in the form here and we will get back to you – we are looking for women who will bring energy and purpose to our tribe, we are an anti-bullying, strictly supportive group.

We believe in the butterfly effect. Our collective also fundraises for women globally, working with a range of organisations whose focus is on empowering women around the world. More to come on that soon – for now, stay tuned and thank you for TRIBE-ing with us.

THE TRIBE was founded by Samata in July 2016. Samata is a British born Ghanaian entrepreneur working across fashion and media. The published author (The Fashion Designer’s Resource Book – Bloomsbury Publishing), writer (The Guardian, VOGUE, Huffington Post) is also known for her work as Global Director for Suzy Amis Cameron’s Red Carpet Green Dress campaign, showcasing sustainable fashion on the red carpet at the Oscars every year. She is one of the faces of Lancome’s Teint Idole #MyShadeMyPower campaign.

Samata, a talented presenter and producer, is committed to creating positive change within all the fields she operates in and influences, and her work has been featured in VOGUE (USA & UK), E! Entertainment, Hello Giggles, The Huffington Post, Women’s Wear Daily, ELLE, InStyle, Essence, Red Magazine, Refinery 29 and more. The former Fashion Editor of The Talent Magazine, she is also Editor of SamataHome.com, a portal for her work and personal style, a board for curated style pointers and a central hub for the like-minded to discover and connect.

Samata works on several philanthropic and charitable projects. In 2006 Samata recorded a spoken word charity single for music project entitled Enfants Soldats, later organising a fundraising concert in Freetown, Sierra Leone for a public sanitation project. In September 2009 Samata designed costumes for the ITV News team as part of the ‘Newsroom’s Got Talent’ fundraiser benefiting Leonard Cheshire Disability and Helen & Douglas House Hospice for Children and Young Adults. A keen philanthropist, Samata is an active fundraiser for America’s soon-to-be first plant-based school, MUSE School CA, founded by Suzy Amis Cameron and James Cameron, where over 50% of the children are on financial aid. She is also an advocate for international organisation Women for Women International.