A Message From Our CEO

“Earlier I posted about the George Lloyd situation. And if I am being honest with myself, it was SamataLite. A watered down version of my real emotions on the topic. I often hold back expressing myself as I wish to, to stay in the lines of acceptability in this digital realm. But the reality is, to be a black person in todays society requires a level of self-love and self-recognition that simply no other group has to find. Why? Because in the face of passive aggressive dialogue across to actual acts of violence on our bodies, we have to find a way to remind ourselves that we are worthy of basic human rights, love, respect and recognition. Often and always. Can you IMAGINE the level of self-talk needed to navigate this world?

Watching people who look like you being cast away like a useless commodity is soul destroying. And don’t doubt that every black person you know has felt the combination of grief, anger, sadness and depression at this reality. The reality of being considered less than and treated as less than does not make us less than. We know this, but our knowledge of self, doesn’t change the reality of being ourselves in this world. This knowledge makes our lives more of act of defiance than they need to be. Sometimes we just want to go for a jog (#AhmaudAubrey), watch birds (#ChristianCooper), write a cheque (#GeorgeFloyd) or sleep in bed (#BreonnaTaylor).

So shout out to all my POC who are defiantly loving themselves and demanding the human recognition that shouldn’t have to be articulated (or which is only articulated upon when captured on camera), but yet love themselves nonetheless. Our strength is immeasurable. We are powerful. That is what my picture represents. For my non-POC, we need you to be allies – your friendship is not adequate unless you are. Listen to the POC in your lives saying “I’m tired. I’m fed up. I’m angry.” #IAmEnough”