Priyanka Bose interviews with THE TRIBE Book

Actress, mother and activist Priyanka shares her reason for TRIBE-ingin our TRIBE Book page, joining some of the incredible women also tagged. Bose, who appeared in the Oscar nominated film ‘LION’, shared her words of wisdom with THE TRIBE readership. Here is a snippet of our interview with her below….

THE TRIBE: How does society reinforce the idea we are not enough and how can we take that power back?

Priyanka Bose: Just block everything, especially people who do not understand or respect you. Time is short and we are here to learn with open minds and self respect. Do anything without regret and be hopeful beyond boundaries of your own fear of rejection and acceptance. At the end of the day, no matter who’s around you, we come in to this world to be our own voices, learning to live gently is optimum goal.

Read Priyanka Bose’s full interview here.