Caitlin Langford

Occupation: I'm a mama to 3 little wild ones, I'm a Registered Nurse (women's health/oncology) and CrossFit Coach. I like to have a few things on the go! I've always been one to have more than one occupation at one time, it helps keeps me balanced (and busy!), and helps satisfy many things I'm passionate about!


Instagram: the.mamas.collective


Oh, now this is a tricky question. I’m currently about 6 months post partum, and I’m feeling a little more ‘squidgy’ than I was pre-pregnancy. I find it’s WAY easier to beat myself up about this, than it is to practice self-respect and self-love! I fight hard every day to not let those little demons enter my thought process. Instead I look at my baby, and I think holy S#*T, I built that! I birthed that, I care for that, and I have exclusively fed that gorgeous little bub from birth. I made a promise to myself when I was pregnant, that I wouldn’t be a A#*%hole to myself about my post natal body! Here’s to honouring that promise, here’s to honouring your body and your SELF every damn day. Cause that’s way harder than beating yourself up. It takes courage, ownership and confidence. Learn to SAY the things that you Love and Like about yourself, then wrap yourself up in all the feels that will bring!


I think we exist in a world where we are constantly led to believe WE are not enough. Where we don’t HAVE enough. In a world where we are constantly pressured to believe we need to BE more than we are. We are constantly chasing these ideals of perfection, in appearance, in the home, in a career, as a mum, as a friend. We are constantly chasing this ideal of the ‘superwoman.’ So how can we celebrate ourselves when we are consistently denigrating ourselves for being ourselves? Continual comparison to others will exacerbate these feelings of insecurity, and comparison is the thief of all joy! This is why we shy away from celebrating ourselves. When we start to realise that we are actually fine (more than fine dare I say), just the way we are, we can find contentment, happiness and confidence. It took me three kids to realise that to the people that matter the most to me (i.e. my babies and my partner), I am actually ALL that they need. If I am pretty bloody awesome to the people that really matter to me, then why can’t I be pretty bloody awesome for myself? Learn to accept yourself JUST THE WAY YOU ARE, and find the joy in celebrating that!


I find this hard, I think we all do! As I said previously, we are constantly seeking perfection, constantly believing that we need to be more. So why then, when someone compliments you would you stand up and say ‘THANKYOU, yes I did really well at that!’ We need to start believing it ourselves to really be able to accept compliments graciously.

Have you considered for a second that maybe they are right, and that maybe you ARE made of stars?! SO, here’s the challenge to you Women of THE TRIBE; accept the positivity, and accept those compliments that come your way! Wonderful things happen when women empower each other. But to be empowered you have to be able to listen and to believe it for yourself!


The world of social media is difficult to navigate at the best of times. I’m a grown woman, a mum of 3 with 35 (nearly 36) years of living under my belt, and I STILL find it can be a breeding ground for insecurity at times.

There are countless SM accounts that you can scroll through that can leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Accounts that can leave you feeling inadequate, not thin enough, not muscular enough, like you don’t have enough ‘tag’ worthy outfits, followers, friends, the list of inadequacies could potentially be endless.

When I think about what this means for my babies/children/teens/young adults, it scares me. The online world is not something we can shy away from forever, so that means in some way, we need to embrace it. In order to do that, I need to make sure I’m connecting with positive, empowering, REAL and inspiring people. People that bring out the best in others, instead of making others feel inferior or that they aren’t ‘enough.’ I don’t mean fluffy inspirational quotes daily, I mean thoughts, prose and people that spark a little fire within me. Things that speak to me and give me the confidence to stand up, own who I am and be confident within myself.

Things that empower me to embrace MYSELF WHOLEHEARTEDLY for WHO I AM. THE TRIBE is important as it lights up all of these things for me. So that’s WHY I TRIBE! #tribevibesstrong.

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