Aneeqa Flyyn

When we celebrate who we are, we are re-writing the story of how the next generation of girls will see themselves.

Name a time recently when you said about something good about yourself / how did that make you feel?

It was quite recently…when I submitted a proposal and it was accepted. It is usually situations like these that it is important to see myself as a winner and an incredibly intelligent and tenacious woman.

Why do you think women shy away from celebrating themselves so much?

Because we were raised in a society that has pre-determined our destiny and capabilities, this is the reason that when we surpass these stereotypes we ourselves don’t think we did it. Even though we are capable and intelligent, we often think it was just a stroke of luck.

How do you overcome the tendency to discredit compliments you are given?

It took a long time, but I have learnt to accept them with an attitude of gratitude. Society has enough arrogant people and gratitude keeps me sane:-)

How does society reinforce the idea we are not enough and how can we take that power back?

We need to start talking to girls very early about independence and their capabilities, beyond just physical beauty. Women in leadership need to make themselves available to encourage other women about their capabilities, and to create a working environment that acknowledges that as women we have different phases of our lives. For example, when we start having children, it really changes the dynamics. In my experience, even if you have the most helpful spouse/partner you always feel guilty to leave your child at home. As a result, in our company, we have gone along way to creating a working environment that enables, particularly working mothers, to grow in their careers through various ways of flexi-times.

Why is THE TRIBE movement important?

It is important to remind ourselves, and encourage ourselves of our worth. If we want to see the transformation of women in leading positions and as captains of industries, it starts with a little appreciation of self. It starts with seeing potential and capabilities in other women. We need to believe that we are highly capable and intelligent. It is these qualities that we need to see and appreciate on a daily basis before we can take on the big positions of leadership. The corporate world is ruthless, and as women we need to be prepared to fight for our right, not because affirmative action says so but because we are highly capable, smart functioning humans with exceptional multi-tasking skills:-)

Occupation: Entrepreneur


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