Today we launched the hashtag #WhyITribe, a hashtag with which we encourage you to share something positive about yourself. Maybe you landed a promotion, went for a long overdue run, broke a habit or started a new one, or maybe you were there for a friend when they needed it – whatever your reason #WhyITribe is a way of giving yourself a pat on the back for all you are right now and sharing why you want to celebrate yourself today.

Why is this important? Well, THE TRIBE believes that until we all learn to appreciate the ‘now’ – and all the small and big moments which make up our present – all our future successes will never truly satisfy us! We have created a forum for THE TRIBE women to talk online – to chat, encourage each other, reminisce about our epic events and build relationships. Whilst our event is in London, we believe women around the world will benefit from this concept, an evening and collective celebrating all we already are, so we created this private forum to start building our global community of self-affirming women, women who no longer believe the lie that they are not enough.

If you like the content on our Instagram feed (@The_ _ _ Tribe), then you will love our forum, a space to encourage each other, plan get togethers here and elsewhere, from New York to Los Angeles, from Sydney to Accra.  So once again, thank you for being here and thank you for being part of the launch for THE TRIBE. The only way is up.