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Doubling as both a movement and a collective, THE TRIBE™ brings together a curated phenomenal group of women to inspire, encourage and support each other. Find out more about what we are up to here on the ABOUT page, read our latest NEWS and get involved here.

Founder’s statement

“Recent studies, including the recent Women Under Pressure White Paper (which surveyed 6,000 women) revealed that whilst women are under more pressure than ever before, we have fewer outlets to release tension and see fewer positive messages to encourage us. Now more than ever an environment of positivity, acknowledgement and encouragement is needed. From having ‘too much to do and too little time’, to managing change and balancing both work and life, today’s woman is adept at spinning multiple plates, even with insufficient encouragement and, more importantly, not enough time spent celebrating her current achievements before more expectations are heaped on.

We live in a high-pressure world, where each and every one of us does it all, or at least tries to. One of the things we have always loved about the Studio 54 days – an inspiration for THE TRIBE™ launch – was that boy did they seem to know how to have fun, come rain or shine. THE TRIBE™ believes women need something like this, a collective like this, and we didn’t see one – so we started it. Why should we come together to celebrate the now and encourage each other for tomorrow? Well, for one, now is the only time that is guaranteed.”

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Our conversations with women include features in ‘THE TRIBE™ Interviews’ section of our website. Women interviewed represent a plethora of industries including Philanthropy, Fashion, Media, Business, Law, Activism, Food, Drink, Art & Design, Lifestyle, Sport & Entertainment, Science and Public Life.

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Our collective also fundraises for women globally, working with a range of organisations whose focus is on empowering women around the world. Since launching we are proud to have worked with the a range of partners for our events.

  • “For me, THE TRIBE is a coalition of extraordinary female spirits and minds that push each other forward, challenge one another and support each other to become the best version […]

    Shaunagh Connaire, Emmy Nominated Producer, ‘Unreporterd World’, Channel 4

  • “THE TRIBE matters because it’s important to stand for something and be of use. We need people to make something positive, co-created together.”  

    Priyanka Bose, Actress, Academy Award Nominated Movie ‘Lion’

  • “THE TRIBE is important because for many of us, it is easier to celebrate other awesome women in our lives without taking a look inward, but we must respect and […]

    Stephanie L. Schierholz – Acting Press Secretary for the National Aeronautics And Space Administration (NASA)