Adrianna Prosser

WhyITribe (the reason you think it’s important to celebrate who we already are):

I find that our culture is driven for success that is all about leveling up, getting to the top, increasing this, being the best at that; if that’s our mentality then we never really appreciate who we are along the journey.

Being present and celebrating where we are in the journey and who we are RIGHT NOW is an act of rebellion. Stop. Smell the roses. Celebrate you, who you are and who you have become. You right now took time and courage, appreciate that.

Name a time recently when you said something good about yourself / how did that make you feel?

I recently was a guest on a podcast and I had to talk about my work as a storyteller and mental health advocate and inevitably talk myself up; I’m proud of the work I put into suicide prevention to make my community suicide safer, and I acknowledged that people have been asking me to tell my story of bereavement for its authenticity and transparency. It feels good to be recognised as a mental health warrior and I feel my shoulders get broad when I think about the invisible cape I wear to fight stigma every day.

Why do you think women shy away from celebrating themselves so much?

I can’t speak for all women but for myself I know I embraced the Bitch name calling, preempting actions with “I know I’m an asshole but…” so I would beat people to the punch for being a woman and acting with passion, or being organized and taking charge, being a leader. Often times those traits are skewed and made negative for a female: the female boss is a tyrant or bitch, when really they just know how to run the ship and expect a lot from the crew members. Why can’t we as women be seen as strong and not butch? Why can’t we be seen as assertive and not cold or bitchy? I think that’s why I have had a hard time “celebrating” because it would look conceited or selfish or narcissistic.

How do you overcome the tendency to discredit compliments you are given?

9/10 I say “Oh I paid them to say that” or “Cheques in the mail, you’re too kind!” when someone offers a compliment my way, but I’m trying to get better at just looking them in the eye and saying thanks in an open and honest way. I don’t know why that is so hard.

How does society reinforce the idea we are not enough and how can we take that power back?

Wow. Loaded question. The everyday things like unequal pay, pink vs. blue, pink tax, things like one wonder woman movie but a zillion male superhero movies (yes I’m a geek), further on the geek front: women being represented in comics and tv with revealing/skimpy clothing while standing next to or supporting a fully clothed male or worse armoured male, while the woman fights/acts tits out and in heels. It’s that sort of thing that plays the mind games with us all telling women in different ways that we are not enough and that it’s our bodies as sexual objects that are the only thing to be cherished. The way we take it back is by marching peacefully together, using social media as place to be heard and come together: #TimesUp #WhyIMarch #AskHerMore #YesAllWomen #MeToo #NastyWoman, calling out everyday sexism in the workplace, demanding better of the men in our lives, giving space for more women creators, not using terminology like pussy, bitch, slut without understanding what negativity that puts out into the universe by using it, applying for jobs even if you’re not 100% qualified (something I hold on to is that the average man applies for a job when he checks off 60% of the qualifications!?) and to that point taking risks *where we can* when in the workplace to demand better office culture and pay. And let us not forget racism is also an issue that needs to be addressed on all the above for women of colour!!

Why is THE TRIBE movement important?

Women need to team up and stop buying into the Mean Girls mentality of us vs them! Look it up and Wiki says ” A  tribe  is a group of distinct people, dependent on their land for their livelihood, who are largely self-sufficient, and not integrated into the national society.” and I want that! It sounds like Themyscira, Wonder Woman’s Amazonian island and doesn’t it sound amazing? Women of every shape and colour working together and being strong warriors without the male gaze telling them they aren’t being pretty enough or have babies to be a “real woman” no – but also I don’t preach separation but integration, as hilarious and lovely an Amazon island would be to run away to there are men I love deeply and I know fight for women’s equality too. The tribe mentality of everyone working together and knowing that you are as important as the next member for the survival of your group sounds amazing: what a world we would live in if our culture made everyone know that they are appreciated and necessary to the group as a whole, all equals, all hard working, all together.

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